Psyllium Seed Husks for Hemorrhoids

beautiful-1504982_640-1A big number of hemorrhoid sufferers prefer to use herbal remedies to conventional treatments or remedies. Psyllium supplement is one of the most popular supplements for treating hemorrhoids.

What are some of the causes of Hemorrhoids?

The following are some of the causes of Hemorrhoids:

-Standing or sitting for prolonged periods of time,

-Violent coughing,




-Liver damage,

-lack of exercise,

-Food allergies,

-insufficient consumption of dietary fiber,


– After effects of childbirth.

What are some of the symptoms of Hemorrhoids?

What are Psyllium Seed Husks?

Some of the most common symptoms of Hemorrhoids include:









What are Psyllium Seed Husks? 

Psyllium seed husks come from the seeds of a plant known as Plantago ovata. The large amounts of soluble fiber that are found in Psyllium seed husks are very ideal for helping increase the bulkiness of your stools. This means that they are a very useful ingredient in all Psyllium supplements, which are very popular and effective natural supplements for treating Hemorrhoids.

How does Psyllium Seed Husks for hemorrhoids work? 

As mentioned here above, Psyllium seed husks are very rich in soluble fiber and for this reason; they help make your stools become bulky, thus making it easy for you to pass. What makes Psyllium seed husks very effective for treating hemorrhoids is because they have the ability to reduce constipation, which makes stool become hard, and therefore very difficult to pass. Constipation and hard stools are some of the leading causes of hemorrhoids.

Another notable condition that leads to hemorrhoids is diarrhea. When you experience bouts of diarrhea, which are accompanied by involuntary spasms, your hemorrhoids can actually worsen. This means that stopping diarrhea can also help treat hemorrhoids. Adding psyllium seed husks to your diet is a very effective way of bulking up your stool, thus helping reduce diarrhea. This in turn means that psyllium seed husks help treat hemorrhoids indirectly by stopping diarrhea.

Other benefits of psyllium Seed Husks

Psyllium seed husks are also associated with some other benefits, including:

-Preventing or stopping other digestive problems, including Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Inflammatory Bowel Disease,

-Detoxification of the colon,

-Psyllium is also known to help lower your cholesterol levels,

-Are added to breakfast cereals as a way of promoting heart health.

-Are used as an ingredient in many bulk laxatives because of their high content of soluble fiber. Bulk laxatives are known to help promote overall bowel health, leading to regular bowel movements that are easy to pass.

-They can also be used as a weight loss supplement. This is because Psyllium has the ability to absorb liquid in your body, thus helping you feel full. This can in turn help you reduce the amount of food you consume.


The most important factor when it comes to treat or prevent hemorrhoids naturally is the use of dietary fiber. Supplements containing psyllium seed husks are therefore very effective in treating hemorrhoids due to the fact that they are very rich in dietary fiber. In addition, they are quite affordable and can be taken daily in order to help prevent constipation. They also help improve your overall bowel and digestive health.